Tuesday, July 28, 2009

minutes more.days more.

It’s cold and I’m starving.
It’s 15 minutes to 12 Pm and all I want to do is to get out of this “cold” office and eat. I’m done folding the proposals for my prospective clients and I’ve printed the work sheet for the credit bureau. Later this afternoon, I ain’t reporting at 1. I’ll have to tell my boss that I’ll go out field and have my proposals on another manager’s desk (ready to be dumped and denied)*sigh*

I’m starving. I’m starving. I’m starving.

When I got into college four years ago, I came to conditioning myself of not eating breakfast. I only eat lunch and supper. Ironic because breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day- I don’t eat. That’s why I’m starving, really. *sigh*.

I’m starving for food, starving for happiness with my current job, starving for a change in this job’s environment. Maybe the problem’s with me because I can’t understand people here. But, in another way, they are the ones who are teaching me to be “just amateur”, and it pains me.


Seven minutes more to go and I’m going out of this “cold” world. Days more to go and I’m going out of this “cold” world. Puppet. I am never going back.//_-

Social Media Strategy

• Use social media to provide an identity to who we are and the product6s or services that we offer.

• We can create relationships using social media with people who might not otherwise know about our products and services or what the company represents.

• Social media makes us real to customers. If you want them, share your personality with them.

• Associate yourselves with peers- maybe reaching to the same market.

• Communicate and provide interaction that customers are looking for.


Website Improvement

Press releases

• If there’s news worthy event, it could help!

MARKETING CREATIVE DESIGNS (grantastic designs.com)

1. Network etiquette/e-mail etiquette (B2B- Business 2 business)

a. Growing, evolving behavior model for how to present oneself and represent one’s company when networking online. It is for this group that etiquette plays the most crucial part. The slightest improper behavior online can ruin a good business opportunity.

b. Build relationship with no offense.

2. When sending mail:

a. Fight the urge to be creative. Be simple.

b. Keep it punctual.

c. Watch your tone.

d. Size matters.

e. Use discretion.

• Requesting reciprocal links.

• Asking for free advice.

• Graphic design.

PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR: Projecting professional image with color.

1. Color emphasis and highlights leads the eye to important points or links.
2. Color identifies recurring themes.
3. Conversely, color can differentiate, such as different colors in pie charts and bar graphs.
4. Color symbolizes and triggers emotions and associations.

• Red- Loss
• Yellow- Important, substantial
• Blue- reliable, corporate
• Green- profit
• Cyan- cool, subdued



**waaAAhh..nosebLeed na q sa mga terms- terms i get to handle and read and think on implementing everyday..//_-

Monday, July 20, 2009

Coin POT!//_^

I went to shop for a coin bank last night. It was a big deal- finding the “perfect” coin bank, really. J Since I was on the goal of having a coin bank that I wouldn’t be able to open until it’s full, I found it hard to decide which to buy. *sigh*

Stalls, stalls and stalls… I went to every stall, window-shopped for the coin bank and found a flower pot. Yes, a flower pot. It was a green flower pot with three holes in the bottom. It caught my attention and the shopping for the “perfect” coin bank turned into shopping for the “perfect” coin pot.

Shopping could sometimes be weird, blissfully weird.

I bought the flower pot instead of the many coin banks displayed on that store. Well, I hope saving would be effective this time. It’s odd to have a flower pot for a coin bank. It’s interesting, though.

I already have coins in my new coin pot, my problem now is, the pot cover. //_^

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