Sunday, May 10, 2009


Remembering everything, about my world and when you came.
I miss you… but, there’s no point of turning back.
I loved you… but, there’s no use of getting there anymore.
Now, tears fill my eyes- sadness fill my heart in gloom
Because I want you back but I shouldn’t
Because I want you to take care of me but you couldn’t
Because you’ve become yourself and forgot about me
Because I’ve got cuts you couldn’t see
Because I’ve got wounds you couldn’t anymore heal.
Because you brought me all these,
These pains are from you.
Because these tears are for you, these tears- you gave to me.
I’m returning what’s yours now,
And I would not look back.
You don’t seem to find yourself,
You don’t seem to find me.
So now, we’re bidding goodbye.
For the many smiles you shared to me,
For the butterflies that used to live in my stomach,
Thank you.
This time, maybe I should walk in the rain…

Goodbye angel.//_-

Friday, May 1, 2009


Now feeling: *irritation*
Now pouring: *rain*
Now valuing: *respect*
Now mumbling:*ampon*

I’m irritated.

I hate people who don’t know how to respect other people- especially those who do not have any slight respect for girls. What the…puppet*sigh*…

Just minutes ago, I went out of the publication office to use the comfort room. I must have trusted my instincts. There are guys doing the construction thingy somewhere in the campus and they were hanging out near the comfort rooms when I went out. Yes, I must have trusted my instincts- yes, I must have not passed by there, must have not passed by where they were standing. Pero, masyado nang malayo if I’ll pass on the other way, so, wala 'kong choice kundi dumaan sa harap ng mga ‘mamang’ ‘yun. Nakakainis isipin na mukha na silang mga nakakatanda mong kapatid at tatay (no, I actually don’t think they would be compatible to be compared with my father and my brothers. Hindi ako magagawang bastusin ng mga kapatid at tatay age comparison lang). Nakakainis isipin na wala ka namang ginagawang masama sa kanila. Nakakainis dahil wala silang magawa sa kanilang mga buhay kundi mangialam sa ibang tao na para bang ngayon lang sila nakakita ng babae. Puppet.Paano kasi, walang pumapansin sa kanila..kainis.(sorry Lord, nakakainis lang talaga)…puppet.

Can’t those people learn how to respect? Why do they have to act like they weren’t taught to respect other people, especially girls? Aren’t they even thinking of the possibility na baka hindi rin i-respeto ng ibang tao ang kanilang mga ina?mga kapatid na babae?mga asawa?mga anak? How selfish of them. I’m sad for them- they did not learn how to respect people. How sad, how bad. Very sad, very bad.

I know I shouldn’t be wasting my time about this, but I just can’t hide how irritated I am with those people. Puppet. I just hate how they treat girls. Puppet. Puppet.I hope it rains. Hard. Endless.

//_- .
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