Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm angry and sad and bitter.
Yes, really angry and sad and bitter. My uncle just got into prison (I'm not ashamed of it). He was arrested yesterday for malicious mischief, they say "malicious mischief".

It started with a piece of land, a land he tamed for his mother's brother. All these years, he spent time farming and serving his uncle. Just when the relationship between my uncle (our family) and his uncle (his family) began to grow well, the farm began to suffer from crisis. Pests have destroyed the crops and the show was unstoppable. Years later, my uncle was arrested for malicious mischief, for destroying the crops (daw), for killing the only livelihood he had. And who sued him? His uncle who did nothing but watch him plow the fields and earn more from his labor.

He'll be in prison for three months and a half. That means, not being home with his only son for christmas and new year eves, that means not being in the cemetery for my Lolo's birthday, that means having a record of criminal offense.

I'm angry and sad and bitter because of this piece of land. Families kill one another because of this pieces of land and they forget that they are a "family" because of this pieces of land. BS!Destroying your own blood and flesh,I can't take this. I just want to s**** them all! How poor justice could be!

Say I'm biased and all,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

ayOko nang matakot.

Time: 11:22
Location: Armageddon
With: A guitar

Mahirap palang maging matakutin- hindi ka

Wala lang. Hindi ako makauwi at makatulog sa bhaus ngayon. Wala kasing tao, eh. They all went to Cebu to attend some gathering (as in, all of them, my landlord and landlady, their children, my boardmates). May event sila sa church and I'm left alone in a boarding house I'm not that comfortable to stay in.

I don't even want to entertain the thought of sleeping alone in our room after what I saw sa window the other week. (eehhhhh..creepy)//_o Now, I'm here..letting the time pass by playing with the PC keys. I wanted to play DOTA but he won't allow me to do so.hehe..I wanted to register for facebook but my interest for registering with the site has died down (tinatamad na naman uli)//_-


Ayoko nang matakot, gusto ko nang matulog. Anong oras na ba?11:33 na....curfew na rin pala..//_-

(na-miss ko rin ang blogosperyo, ngayon lang nakabalik ulit)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wala rah..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current mode: Uneasy
Current attire: Red, checkered, longsleeves, black skinny jeans, a body bag, black slippers
Current buddy beside me: Arianne and her Ainism
Current state of mind: Semi-lost, nervous, hoping

Ok.I'm back. I fell a sleep weeks ago and haven't got the time to visit the blogosphere. How's everybody around here?


I went to take an exam for a position this morning and I'm still nervous to the bones. Lately, I've been wanting to give up on my current job. There are just factors that are making me want to quit. *sigh* I'm still nervous because the exam results will be released tomorrow and I doubt if I'll pass. I've been wanting the job ever since and now's the only opportunity I have. My parents wanted me to go home and take a rest for a while.*sigh*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to qualify for it. I'm going home, I'll sleep.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm missing the old days..i miss my friends..i miss my family..i miss the old days..//_-
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