Monday, June 29, 2009

love and like.

Now I’m here. Now I’m working and it’s different.

I happened to receive a call from a manager yesterday. The voice was obviously busy on the other line. He was looking for “Mimi” and I connected his line to her. When Mimi got the call, he asked if it’s “Jane” on the line. He told Mimi that who he was looking for was Jane and not her. He dropped the line and called my cord again. Then he said:

“Are you Carla? I was looking for Jane, not for Mimi!”

“Sir? You told me you were looking for Mimi and not for Jane.”

“No, I was looking for Jane. Not Mimi.”

“Ok, Sir. If you were indeed looking for Jane and not for Mimi, I’ m sorry for giving you to the wrong line.”

“Sorry, sorry. It’s always sorry! Ok, connect me to Jane.”

“Ok, Sir. Wait for a while.”

I was about to tell him that I am not the receptionist and it’s not my job to answer the phone. He’s not my boss and he does not have any right to treat me that way.
Geez..thank God I’m good to old people (hehe).

It’s really different now. Now that I got my own work, own responsibility, own table, own computer, own boss, own manager, own everything- I ain’t that happy.
 What happened yesterday was another thing that made me unhappy. I don’t know why. Being scolded is ok but being treated unprofessionally does no good at all. Geez...Hate saying these things. Really.

I’m contented. Yes, I am.

But, do you know how it is to love and like?


Monday, June 22, 2009


there's blood inside my heart.

there' something bleeding, ain't worth the pain.

confusion strikes...

i'm barely breathing.

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