Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current mode: Uneasy
Current attire: Red, checkered, longsleeves, black skinny jeans, a body bag, black slippers
Current buddy beside me: Arianne and her Ainism
Current state of mind: Semi-lost, nervous, hoping

Ok.I'm back. I fell a sleep weeks ago and haven't got the time to visit the blogosphere. How's everybody around here?


I went to take an exam for a position this morning and I'm still nervous to the bones. Lately, I've been wanting to give up on my current job. There are just factors that are making me want to quit. *sigh* I'm still nervous because the exam results will be released tomorrow and I doubt if I'll pass. I've been wanting the job ever since and now's the only opportunity I have. My parents wanted me to go home and take a rest for a while.*sigh*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to qualify for it. I'm going home, I'll sleep.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm missing the old days..i miss my friends..i miss my family..i miss the old days..//_-
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